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let's create together

two days together after one year delay - here we go again 🔥
few sec on the street vibes waintin for uber
48 minutes on la matta beach in spain
první a zároveň poslední
session /w Olga vol. II
prdel na hrnec
RoadTRIP vol. II - Mr. Mopagi
Week on wheels in van and our entry to the new year 2020 ⚜️
session /w Olga
Good free time with my friend Olga 🖤
SG Puma 4892 - workshop output vol. 2
this video was created during the workshop there is no story no other purpose
Schönbrunn Vienna trip
sightseeing in vienna
wedd session
some snaps from wedding photo session
4 ráno
This is backstage from shootin new music video for Slza band
nightlife flashit
you know it - your night, your mood
4M trip
again and after 4 months KRNAP
snapin vol. XXX
this is one of our portrait workshop
topGun /w faltagang
"i need pics with my plane" - ALRIGHT
burlesque or nurse
Photoshoot during the Sony PRO conference
SarusXOXO vol. II
That was a small portrait session with my friend. Nothing more..
RoadTRIP vol. I
Our little roadtrip through Slovakia
Snapin' /w Carol
This project is about my portrait workshop in cooperation with FotoSkodaCZ
Elfmark Williams wedding
Most beautiful wedding in this year. 3 days in czech moutains full of love and great mood
This was my HighJump 2019. My mood, my feelings... great event. Thanks to Represent for supporting me, and my babe with this. See ya next year dear HighJump 🔥
I CAN SEE YOU /w I am Rosie
BACKSTAGE set from shooting of music video I can see you with singer I am Rosie
Vadimova Appolinaria
Three hours with Russian girl
Kucsa Prager wedding
One of beautiful sunny weddings
COMEBACK workshop
Our workshop in Prague with Leica Austria & FotoSkoda Center
New aliens agency
15 minutes photoshoot with Karalina Zagr
le France rooftop YOLOmouc
"Imagine we're in France... "
Macire Bangoura Ross
Spring vibes with Macire
How I met her mother
Dark Woods
24hours in dark woods with @kopernikk
Colours of INSTAX 18
our FREE TIME in 4 days after a job with @instaxcz, @colours_cz and @hm
Trip for SKY with @kopernikk
A little trip for some golden sky
The Emerald with @olga.plojhar & @jakub.plojhar
Epic interiors of The Emerald hotel with my friends
31 DEC 2018
Last day of 2018
AFTERNOON with @simonafalta
LIVE LIFE with @mkajina & @domicerna
Moody photoshoot with cinematic aftermovie
Harley Davidson & Klasick Wheels party
An unpredictable evening with Redbull
On the beach with Carol
Another lifestyle workshop with @mkajina_
Just one day with Caroline on the board
Lifestyle fashion WORKSHOP with BIBLOO
Output from one of my lifestyle workshops
Drinkin "wine"
Travel set | North of Croatia Sea, Moutains and italian/croatian people everywhere around us
BACKSEXSTAGE for Retech company with @misha_photo
Backstage of making new season calendar for Retech company based in Prague
Just a few minutes with Kejtlin